Inserting Latex equations in Inkspace on OSX (10.6.8)

Inkspace v0.48 supports inserting LaTex equations through the Extensions > Render > Latex Formula menu option. For this menu to appear on OSX however, you need to jump through a couple of hoops first. You will need to have lxml and pstoedit installed and configured properly. This can be a hassle on OSX. Here are the instructions which worked for me on OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). Installing easy_install (required for lxml)

Installing easy_install
>> sudo wget -O - | sudo python

Installing lxml
>> sudo env ARCHFLAGS="-arch i386 -arch x86_64" easy_install lxml

Installing plotutils
>> wget
>> tar -xzvf plotutils-2.6.tar.gz
>> cd plotutils-2.6
>> ./configure --enable-libplotter
>> make
>> su <admin>
>> sudo make install

Installing pstoedit
% Download via
>> ./configure --with-libplot
>> make
>> su <admin>
>> sudo make install

You can now try out the following under Extensions > Render > Latex Formula:

Latex formula: $\frac{1}{2}$
Additional packages (comma-separated): amsmath

Hopefully this works for you as well !


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